Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The week of the PEACH

We are in Week 13 and have a Peach growing inside me. As soft and fuzzy as peaches feel on the outside that is surely not how my stomach feels. My favorite time of the day is at night before bed to lay on my back and massage my little peach. Feels more like an unrippened avacado but the experts say peach. This past weekend marked a milestone for us..... Mr. M officially told me I was showing. He could see the baby bump. I had been in pregnancy denial until this morning when my pants were to the point of tightness that made me go Ohh! Enter the belly band.

I think there will be maternity clothes shopping in our near future because yoga pants are not appropriate work attire. There is one HUGE blessing to this week - I am no longer exhausted and my cravings for SWEETS have slowed. Not completely gone but slowed. My favorite part about going to bed and soon to be a major staple in our home...

Sorry honey :)
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