Monday, April 25, 2011


So excited to start something new here. Besides Blogging about my wonderful Husband Mr M and my2 beautiful Daughters Big Girl H and Lil Miss J or our the newest addition soon to arrive, I would like to take some time to reflect and share some letters to these important people in my life. Mr M travels A LOT and we used to always handwrite eachother notes. Seems as though life has gotten busier and as expected certain things have gone by the wayside. This in no way means that we love eachother any less it just means we have found other ways to communicate. Since he is on the road more often than not I feel this will be a better tool for communicating my deep appreciation for him as well as those who are far away too.

Inroducing Billet-Doux ... for my love of France. 
Mr. M ~ Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. – Unknown.
Thank you for being this person. From the moment we met, we knew and that makes us special. Thank you for making me laugh so hard while I beat you 10 – 8 on State capitals. Thank you for giving me a chance to get ALL the Canadian Provinces wrong. And Thank You for always having my back even when I am not around. I love you more every day.
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