Thursday, February 14, 2013

#Throwback Thursday - Say What?

What does that say?? Welcome to GSU!! Welcome Back?

What could that possibly mean? It means I am going back to College.

My Sister and I on our very 1st Day of College at GSU

Since I graduated High School in June 1996

Twinkie Shoe Alert
 I have gone to college for 4 years - minus the degree. Worked full time, was in an AMAZING sorority AOPi, lived all on my own and learned to pay bills. I even transferred to GA State my Senior year (bad move). Not that it is a bad school it just helped create the situation of no degree. Why do you ask?

After all that... I got married, had 2 Beautiful baby girls. I also got divorced. Met and married my wonderfully supportive and loving husband. Today is our Anniversary Woot Woot. And had my baby boy.
Now this does not look like I have lived an unaccomplished life. No-Sir-E-Bob. I love my life. All of my choices have given me the blessings I am most thankful for today. But I still do not have that degree. So with dreams of a future and a little bit of gumption I hope to complete one of the biggest projects I have started and not finished. Ask my husband, I have lots of those around my house.

So please show me some love and encouragement as I embark on this journey of College at the age of thirty -- well that doesn't matter. Like my momma used to always say "Once you've earned it no one can take it away from you" oh yeah and "Do it for yourself". Well Mom - I am now.

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