Thursday, March 1, 2012

March Photo A Day

Thanks to FatMumSlim for putting this together. I HOPE to do better in March. I still plan on going back and doing all the days I haven't done yet so I can have a year of photos. Hoping and Doing are 2 completely different things for me.

Here is my day 1. UP ....
I constantly sit here at my desk looking at a computer screen. I have tried to bring in little pieces to make me smile every once in a while when the day becomes to mundane or overwhelming.
So here are my UP's

My Favorite thing to look up to all day long... Of course it never looks like this but I know they are hiding in the background.
Beautiful drawings from my girls, Love notes from my husband and family photo mixed among my work things.
A little slice of heaven in the corner of my office.

What does your UP look like?
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