Friday, October 7, 2011

Goals - Does Anyone else have goals?

Better late than never to set my September (errrr October) goals! Thanks to inspiration from fellow blogger Erica.
I don’t set goals but I like to make lists. I have been told recently by my parents that I am going to give myself an ulcer for being too hard on myself. SO, I am taking their advice and some of mine that I need to relax and take a step back. I am well known to have little to no patience so 1st step in slowing down is to make lists:


  • Cut down on the caffeine, at least by half ~ think my love of coffee is bothering Sterling in the breast milk
  • Drink more water! extra is required for breast feeding
  • Make meals a priority. Sterling is gaining weight but I have not been ensuring I am eating enough or anything at all
  • Lose remaining pregnancy weight gain by Thanksgiving (~10 lbs to go! I know I am not even 14 days post delivery) in reality I WANTED to lose 10lbs before I found out I was pregnant so it is 20lbs.


  • Take Sterling on 3 mile walks Daily or at a minimum every other day
  • Start on my abs and lower body exercises ~ after 4 week postpartum mark
  • Get back into Crossfit at least 2x/week ~ by Nov 1st
  • Slowly start running again and work on pace / length of runs ~ including run the bridge at least 1x/month
  • Yoga ~ P90X 1x/week


  • Do not stress or freak out about every little thing
  • Work on NOT losing my temper with the girls and Daddy (aka Mr.M)
  • Make sure Sterling has tummy time and one of us reads a book to him at bedtime
  • Make Skype a priority for all Grandparents and Daddy
  • Document via photos all kids and work on blog
  • Get a nap when Sterling naps
  • Make my friends a priority on the weekends or Thursday nights
  • Date my husband and my daughters ~ they need one on one mommy time too
  • Write Thank you notes
  • Make the girls Birthdays  extra special ~ including their party

That’s it so far!
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