Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week one

Life with Sterling has been so exciting and tiring. We love him to pieces. He is such an angel to look at and hold. In one week, we have gone on a few 2.4 mile walks in our Bob, gone to the beach, had lunch out at Coconut Joe's, Ali Baba and Starbucks. We have met all the kids on the bus and gone  to a soccer game for  the girls. We also go to a weekly support group at East Cooper for breastfeeding.

Sterling is now one of 3 babies born in a week. He was due 1st on Sept 20th but my dear friend and trainer Tina had her baby girl on Thursday Sept 22nd. She was 5 weeks early but a very strong little girl. Brandon was our latest addition born this past Monday to my dearest friend Amy. We have all supported eachother through our pregnancies. I am so excited to finish this journey with them.

My parents were here for a week and left yesterday. My inlaws are in town from Canada for a few weeks to help out and  see all the  grandkids.

We are about to start the month of birthdays.... Sterling started us off with his on Sept 23rd. My LilMissJ will be 10 years old tomorrow!!! Happy Birthday Sweetheart ~ I love you more
My baby girl and her Lamb Chop 2001
Next is me ... Mid October... not sharing my age :) Then we have BigGirlH on Oct 23rd turning 9 years old!!
My other baby girl 2002
They have always been the best of friends!! Now they have a little brother to love on.

I have 3 that can be  the  best of friends. Right now I am basking in the joy we have for our new little man. I love  my family.
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