Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week Two... a little late but documented

Canadian Thanksgiving October 10, 2011
We celebrated with a lot of our Canadian friends and family. The funny part is that we will be in Canada for American Thanksgiving. I wanted tthis to be authentic for my husband and  his family and pulled recipes from The Laura Secord Canadian Cookbook.
I have never  seen so much Maple Syrup, Brown Sugar, Rhubarb in recipes. I made a Maple Brown Sugar Pie and Creamed Corn Casserole from her book.  I was pleasantly suprised at how easy and delicious they were. MrM LOVED the Sugar Pie and wants one every week.

The Boys
Grampy (aka GDaddy) MrM and Sterling  -- all hanging out for Thanksgiving. They are spitting images of each other. They have really enjoyed their  time together.

Now – I have no idea how  these bloggers find time to keep up with their blogs let alone find time to do any crafting. I can barely get a shower and return text messages .  Reading emails or returning them is out  of the  question. This is why my 2 weeks pictures are being posted in our  3rd week!! I have found  time for pictures but they are not  organized or photo shopped. I did ask for a few minutes to make this onesie... I had to be festive.

The Family
Here is our little family. Probably one of  the only pictures of me where I am not sleeping next to a sleeping baby and have my hair and makeup done. I am always  behind the camera.

2.5 weeks old
I just love how these  turned out. My lil man is growing up so fast. He is a pure joy to have. This is our last week with Nanny and Grampy so we have lots to enjoy.

Super Serious Look -- can you tell he means business?

See you soon
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