Thursday, January 19, 2012

Valentine's Day Blogger Swap

I'm in!! Sounds like a lot of fun no matter your situation. I am actually Married (duh) with children (double duh). BUT Valentine's Day is my 1st Anniversary to MrM. I was once like Christina and her friends a long time ago it seems like. I was always the girl that was broken up with RIGHT BEFORE the V-Day. I do not need to worry about that anymore because MrM is.....
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So lets all celebrate this holiday for Lovers. All of us are loved by someone and we can all use a smile. Christina over at Hungry Meets Healthy is hosting a Valentine's Day Blogger Swap. Basically you contact her via email and give her your details. Then she will match you up with another person and you send them a Valentine. How awesome is that. The best part we get to be creative. Hmmm ... what could I possibly send?
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Source: via Kelley on Pinterest

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What will you be sending your Blogger Valentine?
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  1. I'm so glad you're in! Thanks for sharing too. "He's her lobster!" LOVE THAT!!

  2. Ahh ! I'm so sad I am only seeing this now...TOO LATE ! I'll be in for next years :) Let me know what you send and receive Kelley !


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