Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let the creativity begin

A long time ago one of my favorite blogger twins Erika posted this pic of her daughter Sloane. (her sisters blog is here)
I have saved this picture as inspiration since I saw it on her blog. So now that is is 2011 2012 I finally get to put this to good use. I have a dear friend who had the ONLY sweet baby girl out all of us 5 mommies. Poor Augustina will have 4 boys falling all over her. Thank goodness her daddy is really into jiu jitsu.

Better late than never, we had her little photo shoot. Here are some outtakes:

I love her sweet baby face. AND the final picture which I chose for my version...

This little girl was born less than 24 hours before my Sterling. She was born 6 weeks early but the team at East Cooper took very good care of her. Augustina is now thriving just like the rest of our babies. Tina did not get to hold Augustina at first so she came to love on Sterling.

Do you have anything that inspires you that you may hold onto for future use?
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  1. I absolutely love the finished product. Great work!


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