Thursday, December 1, 2011

My First Interview...ever!!!

So my girlfriend Bailey wanted to do an interview on me before I had the baby. She works for an online media company StepAhead.

Name (duh): Kelley Shaw
Age:  33

How long have you Cross Fitting?:
Full time since January 2011 initially started Spring 2010 while Tina was still at Mt Pleasant Rec

What made you start?:
My husband travels  A LOT for work and my girls are with their Dad on Thurs nights so I got a girlfriend and took up Cross Fit on my night off. I had seen a fitness class advertised for a Boot Camp and it looked fun to try out.

Why did you pick Cross Fit Mt. Pleasant?:
I was impressed with Tina’s enthusiasm and drive for her students. I liked her ‘you can do it’ attitude and does not take excuses. She holds me accountable.

How far along are you with your pregnancy?:
7.5 months – 10 more weeks!!

When is the due date?:
Sept 20, 2011

How far in did you start scaling your WODs?:
I don’t like scaling my WODS. My personal Goal on the board this week – Minimally Scale my WODs this week. I do try to do a least one full round not on a Scale level. I cut back on the weights and AB work probably at 5 months. I just started scaling my runs due to the Heat outside and the extra weight I am carrying.                                                                                                        

What has your OB said about your Cross Fitting?:
She continues to stress that I need to stay hydrated and not over heat. Otherwise, she is supportive.

Any complications with the pregnancy?:
No complications, a little discomfort as I get further along.

What's the hardest movement to do while being pregnant?: 
Hang Snatches or Overhead Squats due to holding so much weight above my head and lifting weights in one movement from the ground to overhead. Also – Box jumps on the medium and large box due to the added weight and unbalance. My Least Favorite is Jumping Rope just because I pee my pants.
How much weight have you put on being pregnant (just to show you're within the normal weight range so people don't think your anorexic haha)
22 lbs so far

Has Tina being pregnant too helped you stay motivated?:
Absolutely. Actually the main reason I came back to the gym was because Amy Bevis was planning to get pregnant and so was Tina. I was in the same boat. I was so impressed at how physically fit Amy had gotten as she continued Cross Fit and I had taken a break to focus on Running. I knew Tina would help me stay on track with my current fitness routines that I was managing on my own. Plus  I would hopefully have a built in network of pregnant woman who can support me with my fitness goals. Tina and all the other members have been great to ensure I am not pushing myself too hard. The hardest part has been having to slow down.

Do you plan on taking a break at all before giving birth?:
Not really. I do get the question when I show up  as the weeks progress into my pregnancy “You are still doing this?” Yes I am. I have just hit a wall in the last week where my body is telling me I am tired. So I am opening up to scaling my WODS more. I plan to focus on my form and not so much speed or weights.

And these little treasures are what we worked so hard for.....

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