Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st Day of School

LilMissJ and BigGirlH



Hello 3rd and 4th Grades!!! This is the one and only day besides picture day that I will be able to get my girls to look cute and normal. After today they will be picking out their own clothes. Notice the bow in BigGirlH's hair??? That was a challenge. One day they will appreciate that I stayed up late last night sewing on the ribbons to the shorts and polo shirt arms. Not to mention making the Corkscrew hair bows for them. Last night, I just got the call  from Mr.M that BigGirlH had a talk with him to "speak to me about making her wear a hair bow." REALLY!!  I got the talk that she really doesn't want to and he  reassured me it was only a faze and she would grow out of it. I guess it could be worse. She could want to wear hot pants right? But doesn't she look cute? Anyhoo, I like my girls to look like girls. No harm no foul. They have their own freedom to dress themselves 90% of the time. I overrule for church, picture day and the 1st day of school. I am mom you can give me those 3 things.
We got to meet our teachers last night at school and write about 10 checks -- individual checks might I add. Thanks to the school for coming out with the SAME water bottles from last year BUT with a fancy new lid. So of course we had to buy one   two. Both of our teachers were very nice. Both girls have  friends in their classes which is a lifesaver. All in all I feel we are going to have a great school year.
Last nights, soccer tryouts were cancelled due to the fields being to wet. Yes I am that mom that is cramming way too much into an evening the night before school started. This turned out to be a relief. We did end up going to Yamato Japanese Steakhouse for dinner to celebrate a friend's birthday. It is a tradition that we always take the kids to celebrate together. The best part of course is the leftovers.

Hope everyone has a great 1st day / week of school. Hoping the traffic calms down soon!!

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  1. Such cuties!! And I love the ribbon on the sleeves of the polos...what a cute idea. Can adults rock this look too you think? :)


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