Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 34

Hello Everyone!! I am 34 weeks ~ 28 lbs heavier... yes I said it out loud. I am happy with my pregnancy. All of it!! I had someone at Dick's ask me yesterday if I was ready to POP. Umm No - I have 6 more weeks. Really do I look that bad? On top of all this, I hurt myself last week. Hence the pregnancy to be parking. I could not handle the long walk. Shockingly I was not being clumsy when the injury occurred. I think I have had a scare with each of my other girls. This time I was just working out. Nothing crazy - just 100 squats. This makes me smile when I say it because it is comical. In all honesty I was really focusing on my form. I focused a little too much. I over extended on my squats. I knew I was in trouble when the workout was done and I couldn't walk. I love my trainer Tina . She is a great friend and would never do anything to put me or the baby in jeopardy. I was put on strict rest for the weekend. Of course my family took that to heart. I was pampered with breakfast in bed. AND MrM. did all the back to school shopping for me. Let me just show you how this turned out:

Aren't they adorable? Um No -- they are not. I almost fell out. All in all he did a great job and this was all for shock value. On another down note, we did not get to do our family photos. I was on rest and it was storming in Charleston. Hopefully we can reschedule. MrM. did find one picture that he definitely wants when he/she is born...

UNFORTUNATELY, my doctor advised me no more Crossfit until after the baby. Tonight I headed to the pool to do low impact water aerobics. Not as fun as Crossfitting. Good news is that I will be  getting that Eliptical that MrM has been wanting to get me. One last tid bit from the visit today is that our doctor was really playing up the whole boy theme. I really wish she would no encourage Mr.M any more than needed. This little baby COULD come out a girl.

Lastly -- MrM did  buy me something extremely nice.

We have  been cleared to travel for Labor Day weekend as long as I do not start dililating. The doc also said the baby can come anytime after 35 weeks!! That was a dose of reality since next week is 35 weeks. Stay in there baby ~ we are not ready. We cannot wait to meet you but you can cook a little while longer.
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  1. oh my gosh, 28 pounds is great! i swear i gained like 45 overall. yuck. you're doing great though, good luck! :)


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