Monday, September 12, 2011

Congratulations Mr. M..... You are Official

We are so proud and excited for you. Completed our Green Card interview with flying colors... Well almost. Our guy was a little bit of a drill sergeant type person. I was so nervous leading up to this interview. One, I was going  to be 39 weeks pregnant and BoomBoomShaw needed to wait until after we made it through to decide to be born. Two, I was super nervous I was going to answer a question wrong and Mr.M was going to be DENIED. Whew .... in reality -- Me calm, cool and collected. Mr.M on the other hand -  not so much. I was for sure he was going to hang himself. At one point he  looked to me for reassurance and the drill sergeant told him in no kind words -- "She cannot help you". Then when it was all said and done - The Sergeant congratulated ME and said he  was  going  to approve my application NOT treating this like it was Mr.M's Green Card. HA I thought it was  so ironic.
One little funny -- how to tell the "real true genuine couple from the ones who got married just for a green card?? The real ones are arguing in the parking lot about driving habits but laugh out loud in the waiting room!!"

Afterwards, we went to celebrate at lunch Downtown. We had lunch at Poogan's Porch.  I am loving being 9 months pregnant bc there was no guilt today at lunch.
Mr.M. opened the drink menu and was immediately excited. How random is this:
Too funny. I pass my green card interview, and we go to lunch to celebrate. First wine on the list is a Champagne called "Carte Vert" (mobile upload)

Now -- I am 39 weeks pregnant. BoomBoomShaw and I had a little talk this morning. I begged him to come today. Well no such luck yet. I am 2CM dilated and lots of good strong contractions all day. Even my twin sister was having  sympathy pains - calling me to see if I was in labor  bc she was at the hospital in false labor. After spending all afternoon shopping and walking Downtown there is progress but no baby. The family made me my pregnancy pizza tonight. It was delicious....
It was a little scary looking but we are hoping it will do the trick. I had my manicure tonight, put the car seat together, packed the baby bag and worked on cleaning up the house.... I am ready!!!
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  1. Congrats to your mister and let's hope baby comes to visit soon..healthy and happy. :)

    Keep us posted...can't wait to see pictures.


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