Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 23!! Bring on the Weight Gain

According to What to Expect..... This week marks the beginning of some SERIOUS weight gain. Great because I was really getting worried. NOT. BabyShaw's weight in the next four weeks alone should double (and mine too). Yeah no wonder I am so hungry all the time. SO far it has only been 14lbs. I am hoping to only gain 30 total so this doubling factor has me worried.
Right now BabyShaw is 8 inches and slightly over a pound. Also, the shape of a small doll.

Life in the Shaw House has been hectic. Mr.M was home for a week Yippie!! We did some registering at BabiesRUs. That was quite the trip. Very overwhelming. My favorite is how MrM questions my authority on how I know what we should buy or need.

My favorite part was when he picked out the rocker for the nursery.....
REALLY.... he is insane to think I am going to get up in the middle of the night and nurse a baby in THIS. His reasoning -- "What?? My mom had one of these?" The one thing I have learned is that times have changed and so has comfort levels. Let me tell you all something about me... I am the mother who gets up in the middle of the night, turns off the monitor, slips quietly out of the room not to wake my husband, goes to the nursery and takes care of baby all by myself then slips back into the room and turns monitor back on to sleep. Now for all that -- I deserve a better rocker! Or I could wake the whole house BC if I am up you will be up and feed the baby in bed!! I am sure he will see it my way.

Only other item on our immediate to do list --Buy a Car. Which I am not looking forward to. So wish us luck! Thanks to my mom's co-worker who sent me 2 great boxes of maternity clothes. I am so grateful as I have been trying to make every outfit imaginable work for me.

Have a great week. The Shaw's will be off soon to the Capital for a family vacation and a Train ride. Stay Tuned for the outcome and pictures.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hump Day!!

Tell me about it. Hello Wednesday. I swore you were Thursday this morning. Can I tell you I found this new site (well to me anyway) that I am OBSESSED with....

Inspiration for my life as we speak:
I wish so many others (hmm hmm mom) would follow this motto. I am spending so much time on this site just dreaming of ways to redo our home then kicking myself because I shouldn't do any of them until the baby comes. Fumes and all...... 4 more months and we redecorate!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!
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Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day and a meeting with ShawBaby

Happy Mother's Day!!

Baby Carriage from ShawBaby
I had an amazing weekend with my family. Started with breakfast in bed and ended with seeing the newest member of our family.  I absolutely love being a mother to my daughters. They are the sweetest little people I know. Everyday they go to lengths to show me they appreciate me and love me. They also have their moments when I just shake my head and think "Do they ever listen." I was so proud of them for creating my breakfast in bed with food I like to eat unlike the random bananas with syrup.

On Sunday, we went to church. I am always amazed at how husbands and fathers show their appreciation for mothers. There are so many that say "You're not my mother" or some that do not appreciate that there is now someone to remember their mother for them on mother's day. It was really touching how the church honored mothers for all the little things. It is the one day a year you sit back and think wow my mom really did a lot for me and I didn't even notice Until I became a mother. I want to be that same person for my girls and soon to be ShawBaby. I love how on this day they tell e all the little things they are thankful for. This  shows me I am doing an OK job and I am not a huge failure bc some nights I am too tired to make their lunches and they have to eat school food. It was truly wonderful to see another family love and appreciate their mother the same way but in a public way. I like mine in homemade cards, hugs and snuggles but still feels the same.

So...... Monday Finally arrived and we got to see ShawBaby!!! We have been teasing all along but we do not know the sex of our baby. And I am happy with that conclusion. Now I get to count the days to meet ShawBaby.

Arms in front of face hiding

Look at all those fingers

Looks like baby is blowing bubbles

So sweet with the hand and foot

Strong looking arms and legs. One adorable foot
We spent about 30 - 45 mins in the ultra sound room looking at every part of out baby. Saw all 4 chambers of the heart working. Look closely at the brain and believed the technician when she told us "Looks good." Figure she knew what she was looking for over us. We did get to see babies face. Looked a little like an alien but I know you will grow into it! The good news is you have 2 eyes, 2 ears a nose and mouth! Mr M. got to meet the BabyDr for the 1st time. They seemed to hit it off nicely. Now that we moved past the not finding out stage of the pregnancy we get to start thinking about how we want to be revealed the sex of the baby. Do we want her to announce it, Do we want her hold the baby up and just show us and let us in the moment decipher for ourselves? We shall see. I am  a go with the flow kind of girl so I'll be happy just to see ShawBaby on the outside.

Happy Mother's Day to all Mom's out there. You do so much, it does get noticed and appreciated even if it is not expressed. This does not make it right or OK. We should all do a better job showing gratitude.

The Shaw's
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

20 weeks Embrace thy Camera

Finally pictures of me along my journey! Oh and my 1st REAL Maternity outfit to work. Inspired by this BLOG to share me and my little on growing happily inside me. Thanks to everyone for the sweet Embracers!!

Move over world I'm coming

Today I am linking up with Emily!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Billet Doux II

Romantic Quotations for Your Love Letter 
Your love letter should be your own personal message of love, but a romantic quote is a great addition to any letter. Here are a few of my favorite quotations about love.

Dearest Mr. M,
You could put all the hearts together in the world and that still wouldn't describe how much I love you.
- Unknown

There are so many little ways to show the person you Love just how special they are. It DOES NOT need to be something Elaborate or expensive. A simple gesture of saying "I Love You."

Last night over dinner with friends, we all got to talking about long distance relationships and how to make them work. Mr M and I have been long distance practically our entire relationship. Of course this is not ideal, but we love each other so much we do what we need to do to make it work. Here is one small gesture we do to show the other we care for them and want them to feel special.

Say I love you before you sleep and the moment you wake up

That’s what I call starting and ending the day right! We cannot always be with one another but we can text, Qik or call.

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Swooning Over Here

I Love Love Love  this. Mr M. and I have always swapped Love Letters to each other. How amazing would it be to sleep in them? Could take turns finding and reading them or just enjoy their look.

Photos: Anthropologie
Actual missives collected from a vintage shop in Brooklyn create the swoon-worthy print of Mise en Scene by Ruffian's soft sateen set. Only problem I see is convincing Hubs to spend $268.00 on 2 sheets PLUS pillow Cases. Here is to dreaming ...
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20 Weeks Down

I am so Happy to report I have made it half way through my pregnancy. I posted / shouted this on Facebook yesterday and got the overwhelming response "Wow that was fast". Yes it was fast, once we got through the 1st 12 weeks of YUK. I feel great now. The baby is poking out and Moving A LOT. Mr M and the girls all got to feel BabyShaw moving this weekend. I like to play a lil game of cat and mouse. Kind of and interactive stimulation. So Fun.

On to the down side for most women except when you are pregnant. The weight gain. I feel like every time I get on the scale I gain 2 more pounds. Every time I see my friends they are like "OMG you are getting a bigger." Trying to remind myself that no one except work, daycare, and gym people have seen me since last weekend so growth is good. This includes my Hubs who only sees me on the weekends.

Not True to Size ...yet

Reminding myself this is my reward

I came across a little treat that I CANNOT wait to try because the cupcakes on top of my refrigerator are getting harder and harder to resist.

Guilt Free Mouse

Photos: Twig & Thistle
This baby has made me INSANE for sweets. I know I have said this numerous times already. I believe I can have my sweet tooth and manage the caloric intake whether I am pregnant or not. I also have found I need to change it up and add variety. Why?? Because 20 weeks of Fruit with Whip Cream is now old. And NO Yogurt will not satisfy me, actually I cannot bring myself to eat it at all. So here is the perfect little treat! 

Just fold 2 tablespoons of  fat free cool whip into a 60 calorie pudding snack and you’ve got 75 calories of filling and deliciously indulgent mousse! It totally hits the spot and no remorse included! Yummers, hope you enjoy!
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