Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hey There!

One of our Lacrosse Stars
We have been really busy around here lately with new sports, family visiting and vacation planning. Oh and Sewing!! Here a sneak peak.....
Remember the Make This  Look post? Well I am almost done!! I have found another blogger out there who is making my same look. I have asked her assistance on the neckline. Hoping mine turns out as well as hers. Thanks Mary. I am doing OK on my goal of only buying patterns / fabric for one project at a time. I did however cheat and order a pattern to make this dress next! I am loving Jamie Christina patterns.
I saw this beauty displayed over on Hello Beautiful where she has made this dress at least twice! I am loving the Navy and Lime jersey knit.
Moving On..... Dana has the best boys tutorials. This Friday is Dr. Seuss Day at school. LilMan needs some new shirts and I wanted to play with the 90 minute shirt tutorial. So I took 120 minutes and made a shirt from on old College Bar T-shirt. Appropriate right? I had already used Dana's tutorial to make him Dr Seuss pants.

I think he is going to look adorable tomorrow!! At least this time all the seams met up and there are no holes in the arm pits. I did make one mistake -- one of the sleeves in inside out. Ughh. 
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