Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FamilyMoon #2

The Shaw's are off again on another adventure!! This time to the Capital of the United States. We are going on a train to see the President. Well not really... we are going to meet Mr.M in DC and his parents from Canada. The girls and I are super excited to go on this little adventure. Stay tuned for all the pictures when we return. I told Big Girl H this morning my camera was charged and ready to go... All I heard were grumbles. Lil Miss J at least gave some support saying we would appreciate these memories later. Big Girl H is on board again as long as we can make a scrapbook when we get back!! By the way -- the girls can't wait to give Grandpa his new nickname. No spoilers here but they are excited about it. We'll see how it goes over but I take him as being a sport about the whole thing.

One Last thing before we go.....Doesn't she just look beautiful???
Really wish I was making it to Canada end of June to "run into them" haha. Have a great week. see you when we return.

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