Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Washington DC Our Nations Capital

The Shaw's went on a Family Vacation to Washington DC. It was a very educational trip for the entire family. Mr.M's parents traveled all the way from Canada to have a visit with the granddaughter's and us of course. This was the first time they got up close and personal with the baby bump ~ BoomBoomShaw.

One can dream right?
As you may recall I mentioned that the Shaw Girls would be  riding on the train to DC. Here is a little montage of our 1st ever experience with AMTRAK. As you can see we all had a great time. We played games, read books, watched movies and Explored the train. A few tips I learned after our first experience,  bring layers. Meaning, a jacket or blanket. They keep these trains very cool. We carried on our luggage so I had plenty of layers to share with the girls.Another tip, bring a cooler. I packed a lunchbox with Uncrustables, grapes, juice boxes, some cakes cut up. We also brought dry snacks like SCRABBLE Cheezits - a game and snack all in one. Lastly, the girls and I made our own  trail mix.

We are so lucky we had the opportunity to go to some of the Smithsonian Museum's and other Monuments. Upon our return and 300+ pictures later, I think I am in less than 10 total. I created a photo book off MyPublisher. It has not arrived  yet but I am going to share some highlights from the trip.

The White House - with MrM's arm blocking it

GDaddy, Nanny, BigGirlH and LilMissJ

Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

The Hope Diamond

National Zoo

Hop on Hop Off Tour and Lincoln Memorial

The Train Ride

Back Home in Charleston

I did spend the entire time just eagerly waiting to get to The White House. I was slightly disappointed at how far away it was. In the movies it seems so much more up close and personal. BigGirlH wanted to see President Obama very badly.

Also, while we were away, we celebrated Mr.M's birthday in China Town. YUMMY. When we returned to Charleston the family celebrated Mr.M. The girls wanted to show  him just how  much they love him. We all love him and appreciate him. Please excuse the bottom left picture, someone got a little sun burnt. Birthday and Father's Day all wrapped into one weekend. Whew we are tired.

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