Thursday, June 2, 2011

Got Baby on the Brain

1st... I am super excited to make it to the Gym today!! I feel so lazy this week but I have tried really hard to make it there. We were really busy buying my new car!!! Yes, I gave in and bought it. LittleMissJ and I went on Saturday and did it all by ourselves. Where was Mr.M???? Golf. Hey who says girls can't buy cars and get a good deal. I do have  to give Mr.M props for his last minute appeal for new Roters (I have no idea what they are but I got them). The girls do like the new car even though it does NOT have a TV. For the record, I have never been that mom that plays the TV every time I am in the car... ONLY for long trips.

But.... I really wanted to share what I am LOVING right now. This Quilt from Maggie and Sparrow.

Jessica Alba just got one for her baby and I think it is adorable. Not $280.00 adorable but DOABLE for my mom as a quilter. Mr.M and I will be shopping for ShawBaby this weekend. Hope to find / agree on a crib.

Stay Cool.
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