Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Baby Legs Tutorial

Source: Chickpea
Hello all!! I am a HUGE fan of Pinterest. My friends are all now friends of Pinterest thanks to Facebook. I now get emails all day long from my friends telling me the  next great  thing  I need to make for "our" babies. I have asked them all to make "Pins for Kelley to make". Here we go -- Pin # 1 complete. Will be showing them off tomorrow night with the girls. My stinkyface (that is his new bloggy nickname) (heck that is what I call him anyhoo) will be rocking these bad boys himself.

For the Tutorial, you can find plenty of them online. OR you can buy them brand new from Babylegs for $12 each. I on the other hand can make my own for MUCH less and I don't mind doing it. I did watch the video here first before attempting mine.

First you need a pair of knee high socks. Not to name drop here but Target has a great selection.

 Now you will cut to make 4 pieces. Cut at the toe and right below the heel. Then cut right above the heel on both pairs of socks to get your 4 pieces. You will not need the  Toes or the  Heel.
 Now the smaller (foot) part fold inside out then over again so all the "right" sides are showing and lined up evenly.
 Then put the "right" sides together again and match up and pin.

 Making sure  to catch all "3" layers here -- you will use a zig zag stitch to sew. 3 = the foot folded in half and the main part of the  sock.
 Here is your zig zag setting.
Viola... babylegs. I can't wait for stinky face to wear them for all the ladies tomorrow night!
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  1. Thanks so much for linking to my video tutorial! So glad you love the baby legs!

  2. Kimberly - my reply button does not work. You are way to fast with your comments! thanks. I cannot wait to make more.


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