Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary To Mr.M

One year ago today, I married a wonderful man. He is my best friend and biggest supporter. He is also my favorite person to argue with. Heck yeah we argue, no healthy couple doesn't. And very appropriately, he got me a rolling pin for Valentine's Day. The best part about us is we talk to each other and we listen to each other. Without out that form of communication most relationships wouldn't last. So I want to thank you for listening to my voice and making me feel special and important enough to you. Also, another one of your many talents that always makes me smile and not the one you are trying to teach our son.... your perfectly timed hugs are amazing.

Now for all the ways I love you....

Cooper River Bridge Run 2009
I love the way you take part in all the things I like. Especially when we wait in line for 2.5 hours downtown just to get a race packet so we can get up REALLY early the next day and run 6+ miles together.

I wear my sunglasses inside ~ the movies

Clemson vs Carolina Game 2010 ~ Hot Wings

I love how you get all goofy with the girls and don't care who is around to see you acting silly. Then do it all AGAIN just so I can get a picture of it.
Lacrosse 2012
I love how you encourage the girls to try new sports. Teach them how to play and make sure  they have the right gear so they don't get hurt. I love how you bought an extra stick for me so I could play too.

I love how you are not afraid to get down and dirty and can play like a kid.

Bill and Guilliana Ranic - Chicago 2010
I love how you waited in line at a Borders just to meet my All Time Favorite Celebrity Couple and had them autograph my book ~ that I am still reading.

I love that MonkeyMan looks just like you.

You are my Lobster! I love you will Wikipedia this to see what that means.

GQ Pose
And Lastly, I am so grateful that you love me so much to take care of me and the girls. We are so lucky to have have you. You are a wonderful father to MonkeyMan, BigGirlH and LilMissJ.

XoXo - I love you.
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