Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Sarah Wilson
Back in mid January, I was researching eating healthy. I was caught up in all the New Years Resolutions that I needed to uphold. Guess what it is almost mid February and I am not 100% perfect. I received an email today that may help me get back on track.

Hi there Kelley!
Congratulations on your 'winnings'! I've attached Sarah's ebook for you - all the best with quitting sugar.
Have a great week,
Sarah and Jo x

OMG I completely forgot about this. And I never expected to win! I entered this giveaway over at Venusian Glow. So now I have this book on how to quit sugar. And I have Sarah's blog to help me on my journey.

Let me get through the holiday. You know Valentine's Day and I will journal along here to let you know  how I am doing! I want to lose the last of this baby weight before the Cooper River Bridge Run in late March.

Thanks for choosing me to win!!
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