Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gearing up for the Honeymoon

 I know MrM and I just Celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary on February 14th, so why am I talking about our honeymoon??? Well, we didn't take it yet. We are going to Paris in the Spring!! I have been scouring the web for Parisian Bloggers as well as some Fashion Bloggers so I can find out all the nifty neatsie places to go. And, I want to look good.
Some of my daily jaunts across the Atlantic Ocean Include:
Me in the Rainbow
Lost in Cheeseland
I heart Paris
My French Country Home
and Last but not least my absolute favorite Ex-pat blogger La mom.

Christophe Verdier

My favorite article so far was from HIP Paris What to do with one month in Paris.... Well, we are going for 10 days and I want to see and do lots. One thing I would love to talk MrM into doing is Dinner at an exp-pats home.

  • Jim Haynes’ Sunday dinners. Jim Haynes, an American ex-pat, has been holding Sunday dinner at his apartment in the 14th arrondissement for 30 years. You will meet plenty of Americans, but also people from France and other countries. Make your reservation early, as Jim’s apartment is small and can only hold about 50 people. If it’s a warm and clear night, he’ll accept more people as the crowd spills outside. After making a reservation, contact Jim on Sunday morning to get his building code and plan to arrive at 8 pm sharp. A donation is suggested, but you don’t need to bring anything else.

  • I am off to start  finish planning our Honeymoon!
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