Monday, February 13, 2012

Leading up to No. 1

Our 1st anniversary is coming up (Tomorrow)!! Lets look at where we got engaged.
The Charleston Library Society!!

Before I got married I was obsessed with The Wedding Row. This is actually how I got into Blogging. I recently came across a wedding at the Charleston Library Society and have to share the amazing pictures. Every time Mr.M and I are downtown on King St, we make a point  to stop here and Recreate the moment. Cheesy I know but I love it. It makes me all warm inside.
Source The Wedding Row

Charleston Library Society

Source The Wedding Row

Source The Wedding Row
 This is where he did it ... right at the top of these stairs!!
Source The Wedding Row
This is how we spent our wedding night -- walking down King St hand in hand. (this is not us in the picture)

1 more day until Valentine's Day. I cannot wait to share my Bloggy Valentine's Day Swap pictures after Wednesday when the package arrives and all the homemade valentine's day gifts I made for the girls teachers and friends.
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