Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Baking Momma

Big Girl H has a DS game called Cooking Momma. Well I feel like a missmash of baked goods tonight. If you could see me I would be a sight. I am wearing Mr. M's Michigan sweatshirt because for some reason I am freezing all the time even in the Deep South!! BUT it is covered in Chocolate and I smell super sweet.

This  weekend the girls are having a sleepover for the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards. Every year we have a sleep over and the girls stay up to watch. This year will be no different. We are doing makeovers, pizza, decorate your own dessert. Yumm I can't wait. Of course there will be Justin Beiber and ICarly to watch for. I personally like Selena Gomez but no one cares about me. This  is all for Mike and the girls. I must admit their stepfather is pretty cool for indulging in the evening activities too. I bet he even voted for his favorites online :)

Back to my baking and prepping 3 days in advance.... I have made so far:
Rice Crispie Treats
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
Tomorrow night will be the cookie cake.
Hope and I stopped into Coastal Cupboard and got letter cookie cutters. C H J - initials for each child spending the night. For you math wiz's there is a duplicate child / letter. We will be cutting out letters and decorate with icing. I have high aspirations for everything looking absolutely stunning.....then I look at myself again in the mirror and remind myself I am not THE Martha Stewart - just a wannabe. So I will accept less than perfection. (more on this subject in a minute)

End Result - Yummy Goodness

All the necessary ingredients

Project #2 of the evening
Melting the Marsh mellows and Butter
Ready for cookie cutters and frosting
Why all of a sudden am I getting this wild hair to be creative.... I'll tell you. I have been obsessed with a little blog by Darby. She is truly an inspiration. I have this urge for a new direction in my life maybe due to the fact I am about to have another baby. So... I have been scouring the web for more inspiration. And I found it in Making Things Happen . Keep an eye out for more exciting ways for me to express myself. See you soon.
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