Monday, June 27, 2011

Minky Dot Elephant

It all started with this picture on Pinterest.

Then I decided to try to make one for BoomBoomShaw --especially since I just bought some White Minky Dot fabric last weekend at Hancock's Fabric.  Amazingly, I was not the only one with Elephants on the brain this week as ChicCheap Nursery  displayed  the same thing. How cute are these???

Chic Cheap Nursery
 I got all my creative juices flowing since I had to stay out of BoomBoomShaw's nursery as Mr.M was painting it and the fumes would be too strong. I needed a big distraction especially since I always do all the painting in our household and do not give up control of these types of projects very easily. SO.... I decided to tackle the Ellie...
I started with a picture and decided to make my own pattern. It seemed a lot easier in my mind than in real life. Take picture and make a few copies. Cut out body and ears or anything else you want to cut / sew seperately. I even added a 1/4" seam allowance. Note to self... when cutting out fabric for any shape besides a square .... flip the pattern. I learned this the hard way that is why my sister is now getting an elephant for her Baby.


Pattern with fabric cut incl 1/4" seam allowance
PreAssembled without sewing
Ribbons to be added for BoomBoomShaw interaction
Time to assemble all the pieces. Again, in my head it was so much more simpler than reality.

Mr.M was so excited to see the finished product when he came home from Hockey. I would not call this a professional job but I am happy with the outcome and the baby will like it too.
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