Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The 5 Item Bag

Back to School. Momma had lots of homework last night. This included helping the girls come up with and compile their all about me bags. I did not think this would be so hard or time consuming. It made me a little nostalgic and I wanted to share what the girls came up with!!.

They both got to share the following images:
BigGirlH, Mr.M and LilMissJ -- because they love their stepdad and Hockey with him.

Their tent - we go camping in Atlanta with Grandma and Grandpa at the Lake

BigGirlH, Me, and LilMissJ - they were super excited to be flower girls and wanted a picture of me too
Now onto their individual items.....

BigGirlH included her board from Karate that she broke, an apple for her favorite fruit, a collage picture of her  playing all her favorite sports - soccer, t-ball and swimming and a bracelet for making jewelry. And the below pics:
She absolutely loves Karate

Isn't she cute with her LONG HAIR and her Guitar
LilMissJ included the following in her bag....
Twiilight Bookmark for 2 things -- 1 she loves to read and 2 she loves Twiilight, Recipe for pancakes because she loves to cook and the  picture below. Her ballerina picture from recital last year (oops do not have a copy of that to share)

Hope everyone has a great week. We are off to the stores tonight to buy MORE back to school stuff that  came home in the folders.

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