Friday, August 5, 2011

Fantastic Friday

First of all it is Friday so it has to be fantastic. Second, I open my browser this morning, after a morning of trying to rack my brain as to WHEN preseason games will start in the NFL. What do I See but trending #3 (not #4) on Yahoo --- Brett Favre!! Just  Wednesday I was lost with no NFL team to follow as my favorite part of football was retired. Could he possibly come back? Well... we have seen this all before.
The Rumors are definitely there. The Sun Sentinel is running this story. Would I be a Miami Dolphins fans? Of course. And why not? I like Dan Marino, Florida and Miami. So watch out fabric stores if Brett joins the Dolphins I will be shopping for fabric.
Here's hoping to a great NFL season and my all time favorite player comes back for one last hurrah. He does need to end on a High Note. Even if he doesn't he will still be top 10 in my heart. I had to expand the number especially if this little BoomBoomShaw turns out to be a boy - he will be tops in my book. On a side note - we are having pregnancy pictures taken tomorrow. Mr.M asked if he should go Brett Favre-esque, meaning sans the shaving or shave for the photos. I think he likes to throw that around just to get out of shaving!!

Happy Friday - let's hope it goes quick. We have a tax free weekend in SC and the lines for back to school shopping are going to be long. God grant me the strength to make it through today and give me the energy to shop tonight.

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