Wednesday, May 4, 2011

20 Weeks Down

I am so Happy to report I have made it half way through my pregnancy. I posted / shouted this on Facebook yesterday and got the overwhelming response "Wow that was fast". Yes it was fast, once we got through the 1st 12 weeks of YUK. I feel great now. The baby is poking out and Moving A LOT. Mr M and the girls all got to feel BabyShaw moving this weekend. I like to play a lil game of cat and mouse. Kind of and interactive stimulation. So Fun.

On to the down side for most women except when you are pregnant. The weight gain. I feel like every time I get on the scale I gain 2 more pounds. Every time I see my friends they are like "OMG you are getting a bigger." Trying to remind myself that no one except work, daycare, and gym people have seen me since last weekend so growth is good. This includes my Hubs who only sees me on the weekends.

Not True to Size ...yet

Reminding myself this is my reward

I came across a little treat that I CANNOT wait to try because the cupcakes on top of my refrigerator are getting harder and harder to resist.

Guilt Free Mouse

Photos: Twig & Thistle
This baby has made me INSANE for sweets. I know I have said this numerous times already. I believe I can have my sweet tooth and manage the caloric intake whether I am pregnant or not. I also have found I need to change it up and add variety. Why?? Because 20 weeks of Fruit with Whip Cream is now old. And NO Yogurt will not satisfy me, actually I cannot bring myself to eat it at all. So here is the perfect little treat! 

Just fold 2 tablespoons of  fat free cool whip into a 60 calorie pudding snack and you’ve got 75 calories of filling and deliciously indulgent mousse! It totally hits the spot and no remorse included! Yummers, hope you enjoy!
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