Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Week 23!! Bring on the Weight Gain

According to What to Expect..... This week marks the beginning of some SERIOUS weight gain. Great because I was really getting worried. NOT. BabyShaw's weight in the next four weeks alone should double (and mine too). Yeah no wonder I am so hungry all the time. SO far it has only been 14lbs. I am hoping to only gain 30 total so this doubling factor has me worried.
Right now BabyShaw is 8 inches and slightly over a pound. Also, the shape of a small doll.

Life in the Shaw House has been hectic. Mr.M was home for a week Yippie!! We did some registering at BabiesRUs. That was quite the trip. Very overwhelming. My favorite is how MrM questions my authority on how I know what we should buy or need.

My favorite part was when he picked out the rocker for the nursery.....
REALLY.... he is insane to think I am going to get up in the middle of the night and nurse a baby in THIS. His reasoning -- "What?? My mom had one of these?" The one thing I have learned is that times have changed and so has comfort levels. Let me tell you all something about me... I am the mother who gets up in the middle of the night, turns off the monitor, slips quietly out of the room not to wake my husband, goes to the nursery and takes care of baby all by myself then slips back into the room and turns monitor back on to sleep. Now for all that -- I deserve a better rocker! Or I could wake the whole house BC if I am up you will be up and feed the baby in bed!! I am sure he will see it my way.

Only other item on our immediate to do list --Buy a Car. Which I am not looking forward to. So wish us luck! Thanks to my mom's co-worker who sent me 2 great boxes of maternity clothes. I am so grateful as I have been trying to make every outfit imaginable work for me.

Have a great week. The Shaw's will be off soon to the Capital for a family vacation and a Train ride. Stay Tuned for the outcome and pictures.
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