Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday Folks…. Well the Shaw’s had a very good weekend. Hope you all did too. Here is our Monday Recap from Charleston.
Over the weekend we had a sunny and cool weekend.
It is restaurant week here in Charleston.
I love this week because the MrM and I try to taste a new restaurant around town. This weekend was a treat. Friday night we went to Bistro 536. A quaint place in Mount Pleasant. Their menu looked Yummy and did not look like reservations were required so we headed on over. It was very good!!
Saturday I worked out at Crossfit MT Pleasant – it was a nice long workout.
100 Double Unders
100 Slam Balls
100 Squats
100 KB Swings
100 Mtn Climbers
Goal – 20 mins Actual – 17:34
Then MrM, Little man and I were lazy. We continued planning our Honeymoon to Paris.
Hoping my book looks as 'used' as MrM's one day!
We ended our day shopping downtown ~ I went and looked at my Jeans. You remember the motivation post. We met up with some friends for dinner at Coast.
Coast is one of our FAVORITE restaurants in Charleston. We actually had our wedding reception at their Sister Restaurant 39 Rue De Jean.

Of course we are into Football playoffs so we all headed to DI Grill to watch the games with our group. The New England game vs. Denver was not as explosive as I had hoped. Now the San Fransisco vs. New Orleans Saints turned out to be dynamic!

Sunday we chilled again. Little Man is coming down with his first sniffles so we layed low and did a lot of snuggling on the couch. We watched French movies. Are you all catching our theme lately? We watched
I Do – French film with American Sub titles. It was hilarious. I laughed I cried. I thoroughly enjoyed this film.
We then watched Happily Ever After. Guess what – Johnny Depp was in this film. He did not say much but he was there and he looked handsome. Another good movie. Some of the same characters from the above. 
Sunday night was the Golden Globes. Wowsers there were some red lips going on! Did you all see Angelina Jolie, Michelle Williams and my Fav Reese Witherspoon? MrM says it is true love when he spends a night with me watching an award show. It is true love!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend…. Now back to the grind.

I had the Chicken special and MrM had the Beef Medallions. This is also nice because we like to share.
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