Saturday, January 14, 2012

Happy 1st Bloggerversary to Me!!

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It’s my 1 year Bloggerversary!!

One year ago today was one of the Top 10 happiest Days of my life…. I am literally counting on one two hands to make sure this is an accurate statement. Yes it is!! Today is the day I found out we were having
Due September 20, 2011

You can read all about it here. I also started my blog to help me to document all the steps, feelings, pressures (literally) along the way. I never imagined that I would “get into” this whole bloggy thing. Let alone meet some bloggers or have my own followers. There are some people out there that I am obsessed… yes I said it obsessed with reading their blogs. I cannot wait for the next post whether it is funny, creative or sad. I look forward to it. Now I know I am not “THAT” person to anyone else except maybe our Canadian family but they just want to hear about the kids. (I love you for following!!) I never intended to be” THAT” kind of blogger. I apologize for using the reference of “THAT” but you all know who you are.
I used to attempt to create scrapbooks of all the images that I take. And I take A LOT… Remember my children only know me as this person.
My last scrapbook and materials I received as a gift from my wonderful husband children for mother’s day 2010 is still sitting in its original packaging waiting to be created. Now mind you, all the supplies were of the girly nature which is good because I had only girls back then.  BUT they were of the Baby Girly nature and I could not find the creative juices to make it work for my then 7 and 8 year old girls. SO, I went to doing digital scrapbooks. Which I loved. Also, time consuming. And I was slacking on that too….answer – the blog. It is better than Facebook. People Family can see what we are up to and read a story to go along with the pictures. I can put To Do projects out there that inspire me and either Follow through on them like the maternity dress or still not complete  Start them.

I see everyone is coming up with Blogger goals for 2012… I just want to find the time to Blog AND double my followers. Today I have 13 followers and a year from now I would like to have 26.

All in all, I am so excited that I made it a year and did not leave this unfinished. This is something I started and have maintained. I feel like it is a craft / passion I am harnessing. I have also in my first year learned so much. Like how to make a Header on Photoshop, how to not be the Do Not Reply blogger, how to create a ButtonI won my very first Contest!! And I participated in a few photography contests here and here. Lastly, I started a blog just for my kids.

In 2012… I plan to do all this AND MORE…

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  1. Way to stick with it Kelly! And happy first blogiversary! Now, can you teach me to make a header in photoshop? Oh wait, I don't even have photoshop. :) You are way ahead of the game. Hugs!


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