Tuesday, May 1, 2012

GOTCT: Get Off The Couch Tuesdays

Hello lovelies!
There was no Case of the Mondays around here yesterday. I lit a fire that will not be put out easily. I have found a new obsession... FitVillains. I love her workouts, her videos she posts, everything. MrM keeps asking me what I am doing on the computer -- umm I am planning my next workout.

So, GOTCT is my first workout.
Fit Villains
Today at lunch, I only had time to complete 2 rounds in 18 mins. That is still 680 Reps - not too shabby. I do work where I cannot be completely stinky all day long.

The kids have been keeping me really busy lately so I have been trying to find other ways to continue my love for Crossfit. This way I can do it at home with my kids or alone, but that never happens. Wanted to share this little workout with all you other busy folk out there.

GOTCT - I was looking for a nickname for Tuesday. I kind of like it! There is already Case of the Mondays, Humpday, TGIF.... Now what to do about that  Thursday?
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