Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 Day Mom Challenge -- Taken

Thank  You In Between Laundry for this Inspirational Challenge.  Yes we are all on the homestretch to Back To School. Only a few more weeks and some of us moms (uh hmmm) are at our wits end with our children counting these days. I on the other hand am not 100% that mom. I share my girls with their father over the summer. This is a week I do not have them and I miss them like crazy. So when I saw this post it made me sit back and reflect on the time we do spend together.

To add to my heavy heart, last week at church we are going through a series called the Rise and Fall of David. The message last week was "How to Avoid Ruining My Kids". Great!! I am doomed. Of course it was not meant to make us all feel bad as parents but to some degree we all did leave thinking we could do better.
v  Teach them to do as I say AND as I do
v  This is going to hurt me more than  it’s going to hurt you: I’m gonna do it anyway
o   Start EARLY
v If at first I BLOW IT, I’ve got to try and try again
I just hope and pray that I am being the best mom that I can be. I may not be perfect but in my heart of hearts I mean well and love my girls (and BoomBoomShaw) so much!

Go to iMom to print out your own copy.

So I leave  you with this little Diddy....

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