Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hello My name Is... Baby Blanket for BoomBoomShaw

Blanket for BoomBoomShaw Thanks to Jessica over at Me Sew Crazy for this blanky idea.
Jessica did not provide a tutorial for her blanket but she did offer up some advice in her comments. Amazing there were others out  there that had the same questions as I did.
She didn't make a tutorial, as she had assumed there would be tons out there already. But a Google search for a T Shirt knit blanket turned up NIL, she could only find T Shirt Quilts.
So here we go with the best chance for success.
She basically cut the same size squares out of her old T Shirts - and sewed them together, First in rows. Then sewed the rows together, until she had the size blanket she wanted.  As you can see it is a 7 x 6 rows.
Once you have that – she cut another piece of knit fabric the same size - and placed it underneath - wrong sides together.
She then used a knit ribbing around all the edges for my bias tape to finish it off. ** I had to Google what this was and where to find it. You can buy it online and do not need to make it.
And lastly, she did a quick back and forth stitch at each of the square T Shirt corners, to keep the blanket from separating.
Easy peasy! For a basic knit blanket tut - you can find one here, it is the same technique - minus the T Shirt squares.

Hope this helps!
I cannot wait to make one of these for my little Bug. Stay Tuned to my finished Blanky.
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