Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Busy Weekend … Katy Perry and Sleepovers


Blackbeards Cove Sleepover (2)

Katy Perry Dance a long (15)

I just love it when the girls get to cut loose and have a little fun. Not that 8 and 9 year olds need to take time to have fun but with our current busy schedule it is nice to focus on the fun vs. all the Go Go Go lifestyle.

So … LilMissJ went to a sock hop over at Dance Anatomy. A new dance studio that opened up by our house. It was a beautiful location, I only wish they were closer for her to join. This weekend was Hollywood night – come dressed as your favorite Celebrity…..So we chose Blue haired Katy Perry. Look at our transformation. Fingers Crossed the color comes out!

Katy Perry Dance a long (2)

Katy Perry Dance a long (5)

MrM. got so excited when he saw the blue hair spray. He wanted be in charge of the painting of the hair. We used the entire can. Imagine that.

Katy Perry Dance a long (7)

Katy Perry Dance a long (8)

BigGirlH ready with the hair color

Katy Perry Dance a long (9)

Katy Perry Dance a long

We have Katy Perry1, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry 2


Now onto BigGirlH. She had a sleepover and  the rest of the family went to Blackbeard's Cove for Family night. Who can pass up

2 hours unlimited golf, go-karts, climbing wall, jump land and indoor playground and a 16" hand-tossed pizza and 4 fountain drinks


So we headed out as a family of 4 sans LilMissJ.

Blackbeards Cove Sleepover (5) 

We (they) did Rock climbing wall

Blackbeards Cove Sleepover (16)

We (they) did Go Carts

Blackbeards Cove Sleepover (19)

Hope was driving SO fast I could barely get a clear picture of her

Blackbeards Cove Sleepover (12)

I waited in line for 45 mins while my family played so we didn’t waste all of our time in line. Not everyone has a mom who is 8 months pregnant and cannot ride rides.

I then went and ordered our pizza and drinks. Had a nice little rest at the outdoor picnic tables. At this time Mr.M had to go get LilMissJ from her Dance party. He  got to experience his 1st “I’m too cool for you.” It was so weird to see her so dressed up for no real occasion. I am not ready for all of this. In the long run Mr.M. does not put up with he I’m too cool for you attitude bc he can make you miserable until you give it up. We all had a good laugh about it all. The rest of us all played putt putt until they got back. All in all a FUN night. It made for a long day on Saturday which was my Baby Shower. That is another post for another day.


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