Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Build your own Pizza

Mamma Mia We Are Making Pies
Pizza Pies
Chicago's Best Pizza
Our Family is no Lou Malnati's from Chicago. We have had quite a few slices of pizza from this fine establishment. What else are we to do when there is a sleepover for little girls, a pregnant woman and One man??? Make pizzas for dinner of course. Best way I know to satisfy every ones needs and wants and there will be no complaining... well fingers crossed.

Lets get creative. Each one made their pizzas one at a time.
All there is left is the baking. Look at MrM.'s "cross" pie. He thought he was so creative. I am more of an evenly distributed pizza pie. 

It cannot be a sleepover without dessert. I did not completely fall off the  wagon but tricked the kids into a Semi Healthy Dessert option. I cut up fresh peaches, strawberries, oreo cookie pudding, and fat free whip cream. I am a genius -- they loved it and so did I. 

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