Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy 4th of July America

I have  finally gotten around to downloading my pictures from our holiday weekend. I had huge hopes of a cookout, fireworks, baking, decorating and SPARKLERS..... Well all of these things did not happen. I have already shared some of our Non celebratory part of the weekend here. Well worth it mind you. We did find some time to have fun and relax between paint coats to dry. So how did we celebrate you ask???

With a cookout at friends house with kids and pool and Baking Peach Pie!!

I wish I had the summer off to play with my kids, relax and be creative. I do not have this luxury and take advantage where I can. I love my girlfriends. They have been a great support system for me especially Amy who is  due 2 weeks after me.

Nicole and Kaia
Hubs MrM. surfing behind the boat

I really wanted to get out there and  do this. I kept trying to convince everyone it was completely safe ~ right?

We decided to take the Locks up to Lake Moultrie. I have never done this before and it was  quite the experience being placed in this water elevator and tied up to random strangers. I cannot believe we will be  raised about 60 feet higher and just drive the boat out the top.

This little bug took not 1 but 2 naps on the boat. And yes she  is sleeping on the  floor under her  daddy's feet while he drives.

I just love this little girl....
We also tried our hands at Wake Boarding. I only got pictures of MrM. as I had the pleasure  holding little Kaia while her parents did the WB.
Thanks for a wonderful 4th of July!!!

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