Sunday, July 31, 2011

Journey week 32

I started this blog to document my pregnancy. I am 10 years older from my 1st pregnancy and 9 years since my last. Back then I was young and carefree. Ha-- well just young. I have  done a horrible job documenting myself in this pregnancy. I have avoided the camera at all costs. Everyone says - you look great. You are all baby. From behind you don't look pregnant until you start walking. Yes I waddle.  I needed to see this to believe this. Especially if I want to go through it one more time in the future to prove to myself it is not as bad as I remember it. We are coming to the end of week 32 (actually 32 weeks 5 days), there will be 7 more pictures of these possibly less.
MrM. wanted a front photo sans the shirt so here we go.

Look at that white belly. I had hopes the belly would see some sun this summer... not so much.  
On a  much lighter note. I went to Trader Joe's yesterday. It was CROWDED!! I was amazed there was not any parking even on the end of day 2. I do not think I am ready for the whole blogger professional persona - why do you ask? I was so nervous and felt weird taking pictures with all these people around. Do you know how many Charleston Blogs I have seen with these similar photos? Quite a few, so why did I feel out of place? Must be something for me to get more comfy with one day.

Hope everyone has a great week. Next posts will be baby shower related.

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