Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week 31 ... 9 more weeks OR 61 more days ...

Can you all feel the excitement???  Mr.M. and I love this show and have thoroughly enjoyed the reruns but I can tell you I am looking forward to some new material. Now.... we will either be A) in the hospital having this baby B) Sitting on the couch anxiously awaiting its arrival or C) holding the little bugger in my arms in the comfort of my home. I can tell you the latter of the 3 sounds the most appealing.

Cannot wait for our BIG REVEAL. The lil BoomBoomShaw is the size of 4 navel oranges (approx 3.3 pounds) and measure more or less 16 inches long. Now if I only knew where the other 20ish pounds went?? And BONUS - baby will be hitting yet another growth spurt! These are my favorite on the scale and my hormones. I get so ravenous at the weirdest times during a growth spurt. It is all for the baby so bring it on.
Finished the comforter for BoomBoomShaw last night. I will post a proper post dedicated to Crib bedding once it is all complete. I am taking a break for maternity clothes making as I am still hot and still not wearing pants. HA ... this sounds funnier than the reality. We are having heat indexes of 110+ degrees.

Stay tuned for a busy week at the Shaw House .... we have a baby shower, sleepovers, sewing and lots more.

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