Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Blue Dress Sew Along July 25-29

Dress Along

Fabric Choices -- Carolina Chambray Black and I Heart Linen Blend Oval Geo Blue
Day 1 started yesterday and YES I was slack and did not cut  out my fabrics. Likely due to the fact I didn't want to measure myself to find out the widest part..... still hoping it is my stomach. Wink wink.
To determine your dimension, take YOUR WIDTH and add four inches. That number = YOUR FABRIC MEASUREMENT. This is all by 33" in length -- that part I have covered. I think I am just afraid I do not have enough fabric with only 1 yard purchased (and ONLINE too) so I cannot run out to the store. I am stuck in a mental dilemma as to try and make it work over my belly OR just make it for POST baby. I am going to bite the bullet and measure tonight. I hope I am OK - otherwise we will just call this the Motivation Dress.

The Other Projects…

I am trying to start and finish outside of the nursery!! The below is the fabric and tutorial for dresses I am making the girls for our August Maternity / Family photo shoot out on Folly Beach with Katie Moore. She did a fantastic job at our wedding and she is a lovely person that I want her to help document our next step in being a family.
Girls Dress
 Fabrics: Cotton Blend Broadcloth Navy and Remix Zig Zag Pink Aqua brown

Let’s not forget Back To School

Fabrics: England Swings Stripes Blue White and England Swings Stripes Red White

Have a great day... Here is to motivation to finish err... start projects.

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