Friday, July 15, 2011

Windows Live?? What is that.

Thank you to Jill from Made It On Monday for the inspiration to try a new format on Blogging. Using Windows Live Writer. I am open to try anything especially if it is more user friendly than Blogger. I have always  hated that I had to use Word then copy paste into Blogger to have a more creative look. So far post # 2 into this and I am not SOLD yet. I am not giving up yet.

I like the Windows Live Photo Gallery options as well. I am not set on one specific photo editing software. As you can already tell if you have looked at any of my pictures. I really have  not spent a lot of time editing my photos. I do like that I can manipulate them a little easier here. I am totally green on this area.


So here is to try something new. I will not give up easily so wish me lots of patience.


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