Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Birthday and Another Week

Hope 2002
Hope 2011
Happy 9th Birthday Hope!!! I love you so much! And I know you are so excited that your brother was born one month before  your birthday. I hope that you have  9, 18, 36, 72 more years of happiness and smiles as big as this picture above. I cannot wait to do your celebrity of the week project and Justin Case project.
All I can say is that I could eat you up. I love your expressions. We have had another busy week and Daddy was  home all week to hang with us. I cannot express my gratitude to Mr.M as he  helps me so much when he is home. At some times I feel guilty at how  much work he does to help me then I stop myself. I take care of the entire family on my own during the week and do everything by myself so on the weeks he is home I let him help. The  best part is that he wants to help and hang with his son. That melts my heart.
Our biggest milestone -- we had a bottle and Daddy got to feed him. This has allowed me to go out on my own without having to be tied to a clock. Thought this bottle feeding session was going to be more of a glamorous event but it was just a bottle feeding -- that's it? Still the picture makes it all worth it. Love how my boys looking at each other.
Carmen, Christy, me, Christine, and Kris -- not pictured Amy who left to take care of Brandon
It was my birthday this week and my wonderful girlfriends took me out for drinks at Wine AWhile. It felt so good to be back in the real world. Each time I go out I feel more human.
In our house we do a lot of stretching!! It takes us a long time. At night I listen to this for 10 mins before  the crying starts. I love it.

This  is  how we usually sleep.... just  picture it on my chest and head facing up. I love this position and know he wont be able to stay this way forever.

I know I typoed this one with the 3 but it is really 4 weeks old. I also feel like I am now biasing the blog towards the baby. So, for that I am adding the girls back. It is just a lot easier now that I spend all day with the baby at home.

My girls and MrM. hamming it up in the kitchen. And FINALLY a picture of me and the baby. Not glamorous but I'll take it.
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