Monday, October 24, 2011

Birthdays and School Projects

photo credit: Barnes and Noble
Our First Virtual Book Report for 3rd Grade and boy was Momma nervous. These projects get harder every  year and require me to be more and more  creative. So What do you get when you mix the below???

Photo Credits: Google Images

BigGirlH hard at work on the hair

Justin Case the Pumpkin....
This guy looks so smooth

BigGirlH is so proud of her  work

And LilMissJ is modeling the outfit BigGirlH will wear to school to present the  project.... We texted this picture to Mr.M and he thought this was her outfit for school "on purpose". Guess he forgot she was going to be a Nerd for Halloween.

We celebrated Hope's Birthday AGAIN but only 1 day late. We baked cookies and opened presents. She got quite a bit of baking accessories this year. Which is great bc she loves to cook and bake.
For all of OUR birthdays we went to the Waterfront Park for some playtime and to enjoy the weather before it gets too cold.

I love that my girls get along so well and like to play with each other.

Then we just go to some extreme silliness
This was not fun whatsoever. I had to sit down for a while to get the world to stop spinning. They did not torture me enough so they thought I should try this:
Call me a glutton for punishment. Then we are off to Whiffle Ball and Football

I love this man so much!

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