Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Celebrity of the Week

Hello ... This week we have  a Celebrity on our hands!!! A little writing assignment for the family about our little girl BigGirlH....

Once there was a girl named Hope. I know what you are thinking – Wow her name is Hope? That is beautiful. Well yes it is beautiful and so is she. Your next question is where did her name come from? Well her momma is a wise young woman. All along her momma thought she was going to be a boy and her name was going to be Chase. When she found out it was a baby girl she was lost. She had no idea what to name this little girl UNTIL one day it came to her. Her momma was watching her favorite daytime show – Days of Our Lives and Hope Brady came onto the screen.

Voila!! This is how she was named. The cool thing about being named Hope is that you can see her name lots of places. In October, it is breast cancer awareness month and HOPE is one of their ways to represent this. Also, we went to Washington DC and got to see the Hope Diamond which has been around for a very long time.  This diamond is very rich in history. The best part about being named Hope is that she is the happiest little girl a momma could ask for. She is beautiful inside and out.

Hi, my name is Sterling Shaw and I am writing about my big sister Hope!  I am only 4 weeks old, but I already love my big sister very very much.  Most of the time I can’t tell her that, (except with my big blue eyes) because I don’t talk very well yet, but I am a good typer!

My sister is very nice.  I like when she holds me because I can hear her heartbeat.  Of all the people that hold me I like her hair the best!  I always grab her hair because it is pretty and brown and curly.  Also I like to look into her glasses because that is the only way I can see my reflection since I can’t hold a mirror. 

I can hardly wait to grow a little bit older so I can play soccer with Hope, and other sports she plays like baseball.  Also when I get older Hope can help teach me to read because she is a good reader!

I love my sister!!

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