Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Christmas in November

I am going to my brother's wedding on 11/11/11. Do you all know  just how  popular this date is to get married?? VERY. We are trying to get a hotel at Chateau Elan and no luck. Which stinks because I know my husband  would  love it. Now the wedding does not  have  anything to do with Christmas but this  does!!!
I will get to see my entire family this weekend including all the cousins. What a better way to keep them occupied than to give them these to play with and take photos. We may not be wearing red and green but these  will be  cute  no matter what.

Here are some of  the props I will be  getting from Paper and Cake

Stay tuned for my photos when we get back from long awaited family time. Right now I have  some props to put  together!
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