Monday, November 7, 2011

Letters to Daddy

 Dear Daddy ... I am peaking at you. I am just chilling in my crib waiting to get up. What are you doing today?

Dear Daddy ... I got one free. Maybe if I lay real still she wont notice. Don't tell Mommy as she would figure a way to keep it tucked away.

Dear Daddy... I did some wiggling and look what happened. I look just a little bit guilty but who can blame me for being so darn cute. I have no idea what  I am gonna do now?

Dear Daddy... We need to have a talk. Ever since you got mommy her birthday present she wont  keep it out of my face. Why doesn't she take pictures of you instead of me? Remember that drum set you keep wanting to get  all your friends kids? I think I am going to have a chat with Santa.

Dear Daddy... Looks like I have been found out. Look at my big cheesy grin. I wish you were here to read me my favorite book. Mommy always cries when she reads me "I'll Love you Forever".

Dear Daddy ... Hopie dressed me today. Can you tell? What the heck is a Game Chicken? And why does it upset her  so much when we call it that?

Dear Daddy.. Mommy must love you very much. She keeps putting me in these Dad outfits. Everyone says we look alike but do we need to make it so obvious? Just want you to know Mommy and I are Chillaxing today. Miss you.

Dear Daddy.... Did I tell you how funny Mommy is? Well maybe she is just  funny looking because this is all I see of her.

Dear Daddy.. Mommy turned me into a Glow Worm again. No worries - I can get out of this thing.

Dear Daddy .. Here is a little sneak peak of what Mommy and I have been up to while you are gone. We miss you terribly. Look how much I have grown. Hint hint .. This is 6 weeks.

Dear Daddy .. This is my favorite place to nap. I love you so much.
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