Monday, November 28, 2011

My new passion that makes me go Hmmmm

Nikon D3100 F/4.0 ISO 1600 SS 1/50 18MM
I took a class at Charleston Photography Center on a Saturday Seminar. It was an intro to Digital Photography. I was nervous and excited at the same  time. It was the  1st time leaving my little  man all day too. He  did great  but I missed him so much. Our instructor  was Kenny McKeithan. When I walked into class I was surprised to see my friend Ginny there! and she brought a girlfriend of hers.
Butcher and Bee
We ate lunch at the cutest little  place downtown. I had never heard of it but it was yummy.

Here is a little bit of Photography that  I learned...
ISO Play -- the more the ISO the more the light that  is let into the lens. My husband will not  be happy that I am using  him as a subject.
Nikon D3100 F/7.10 ISO 100 SS 1/4 sec 42mm
Nikon D3100 F/7.10 ISO 3200 SS 1/100 sec 42mm
Light  Source Play - this is the White Balance. You can make your pictures look cooler to warmer by adjusting the white balance. Also helps to photograph in each light setting.
Nikon D3100 F/7.10 ISO 400 SS 1/13 sec 42mm WB Tungsten
Nikon D3100 F/7.10 ISO 400 SS 1/13 sec 42mm WB Shade
The Shade white balance and cloudy give the best  tone colors to persons in photos.

Photoshop Play

Canon EOS 50D F/3.5 ISO 100 SS 1/640 sec 18mm WB Auto
Canon EOS 50D F/4.5 ISO 200 SS 1/60 sec 35mm WB Auto

Notice the  swirl in our background. This is what I would  love to learn how to do. Slowly but surely I will get  there. Thank you again to Katie  Moore who took our wedding  photos! Here are more from Katie...
Canon EOS 50D F/5.6 ISO 320 SS 1/125 sec 90mm WB Auto
Notice how I am blurry in the background?? That is the lower Aperture F/5.6 that creates this effect.
Canon EOS 50D F/6.3 ISO 100 SS 1/200 sec 120mm WB Auto
Again she created the swirled background using Photoshop Lightroom. I am currently using the Photoshop Elements 10 free download to get my feet wet before I dump a bunch of  $ on a new software program.

Now  that I have  new found love of photography  with knowledge to back it up, I feel worse than before I started. Why can't I just  take  all my pictures in AUTO??? Here is to more practice.
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