Tuesday, November 15, 2011

First Big Trip Post Baby

This was a big trip for me as I traveled to ATL alone with 3 kids in the car. Wowsers ... what was I thinking? The girls were going to stay with my parents up at the lake in the motor home and Mr.M and I were going to stay with LittleMan in a Hotel. Since MrM was flying into ATL and I had to drive South to get him we decided to stay in Buckhead. I had visions of reliving my younger years where we would party it up at a bar then a nice dinner and stay out to all hours of the night. Did I mention I hate getting older? Even though I was going to be in the car for 5+ hours I still wanted to look hip and cool NOT comfy. And I did look hip and cool and definitely NOT comfy. Do you see where I am going with this? By the time I finally got to Mr.M after leaving Charleston at 10:30 am, I picked him up at 9pm in Buckhead from the Marta Station. By this time, I had already driven from Charleston, drove all over North GA to meet my parents, Nursed the baby twice in the car and Pumped once bc he slept through a feeding. Looking Cute was not on the top of my priority list.

We did have some fun once we checked into our hotel. Little Man was wide awake and ready to go. This was our first hotel experience with the baby. I even brought the Pack N Play. Still in the spirit of things we headed out on our dinner / drinks adventure. You should have seen us  trying to figure  out  how to get the baby to dinner. We were going to walk since we were looking for the feel of Chicago. So MrM put on the Baby Bjorn to carry LittleMan. How are  we going  to eat dinner if the baby is in the  carrier? MrM's bright idea is to get the car carrier from the car and carry it to the restaurant. So here we are in Swanky Buckhead walking around with the baby and an empty car seat. It was quite humorous to watch us. We ended up eating at Bistro Niko. It was very good and the staff was very nice even watching our  empty car seat while we waited for our table. Little Man did very well on his late night  dinner. I realized that dressed up for Charleston does not  equal dressed up for Buckhead. At this point I did not care. I was uncomfortable and happy since I was spending my evening with my 2 favorite men.

The girls went to their grandparents to stay. While  they were there they got to do some of their  favorite playing:
Got Facials

Did some Shaving

Pretended to be Christmas Wreaths

Had an Amazing View of Lake Lanier
On Saturday, We had some time to go downtown while the girls stayed and played at the lake. The adults  went to the High Museum of Art. They were having the Picasso to Warhol exhibit.
Photography I want to learn how  to do

Southeastern part of Jasper John's Painting

This picture says it all to me. I am so loved. We had a great time in Atlanta.
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