Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Cooper River Bridge Run

Year #3.... and counting. I have lived in Charleston for 11+ years now and I had always wanted to run this race. Especially since I had run the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta while I was much younger and still in college. It would be the one time a year I actually brought myself to do any form of running. Fast Forward (or Rewind) to 3 years ago.... I was starting a new chapter in my life. I had just started dating my now husband and we were going to do the race together.  We made the treck down to the Guillard on Friday night and waited in line for 3+ hours to pick up our race packets. Come 11 pm, no dinner, only surviving on Starbucks coffee we finally made it home AND we were still in good spirits: I knew at that moment this was the man for me. He was willing to endure anything to make me happy and make a dream of mine come true without complaining.

How could you not love this man?
Since that race I have fallen in love with running. Whether it is a 4 mile run on the beach, weekly bridge runs during soccer practice or running on the treadmill at the gym.... I am hooked. My girlfriend, Amy and I run as many races together as we can. Being 2 days  shy of 4 months pregnant - my goal this time was not to beat my best time of 1:00:00 for a 10k, but to make to it to mile 4 without walking. Now... Mile 4 is at the very TOP of the bridge and marks the downhill portion. REALITY... I hit my wall at mile 3. I was on pace for  10 minute miles through the 3rd mile. Then I needed to walk. Failure... the thoughts of OMG what am I thinking trying to run this race?? My Ipod came to life with this amazing song and it gave me what I needed to get over my wall. Then on Mile 5....This  is what I received:

My girls and My husband Cheering me on..... The girls ran the last mile with me. As we are walking and talking here they are killing my pace I was working so hard for but all is OK....this right here made my day.
Final Result: 1:14:37 Not Bad. Next year Baby Shaw will be here and the WHOLE Family will run it together.

Sneak Peak to the next post....
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