Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reading to ShawBaby

Week 19 

We are one week away from the halfway mark but if you are an optimist like me ~ we already passed it. Currently ShawBaby is the size of a Mango. Guess what comes up when you Google Mango:

Penelope Cruz Mango Spring
 I am perfectly content to share this baby for one week with Penelope. Now that we are working our way through the vegetable and fruit garden, I am at a loss as to how last week I was having a cantelope and this week only a mango beause I sure feel like we are on a honeydew this week.

ShawBaby can hear us now for a few weeks. We have been trying really hard to be nice so when he/she is born they feel loved and not look at us like we are crazy. On the agenda for this week is to start picking up the beloved classics that I read to the girls at night before bed. Lil Miss J and Big Girl H are going to take turns reading to ShawBaby at night. I am so excited for the baby to get used to our voices and have this bonding time. My favorite part of the day was always reading my girls bedtime stories.

Belly Button Book

Love You Forever
This one is a tear jerker for mothers. I couldn't believe it the 1st time I read it or the 100th time.
But Not The Hippotpotamus
This one is for Big Girl H -- her favorite

Last but not least, an oldie but a goodie:

Oh, The Places You'll Go!
No Self portrait this week, I think I am in denial especially since I have been dreaming I have no clothes to wear to Prince William and Kate's Wedding the past 2 nights. Hey, At least I was invited right?

Less than 2 weeks and we get to see ShawBaby again. I cannot wait.
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